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Hydra Cat Performance System

Serinamar Marine Services Ltd.

  • hydra cat Hybrid Dry Cell - Hydroxy Generator. Made of high grade 316 surgical stainless steel plates.
  • Hydra Cat Statistics
  • Seaworthy 4.5 CCPWM

  • seaworthy 4.5 ccpwmA Constant Current Pulse Width Modulator,150 AMP marine grade, rugged and water resistant. The pulse width modulator is the heart of the hydroxy unit.
  • The CCPWM controls the amperage at a constant current.
  • Seaworthy 4.5 CCPWM™ statistics
  • motoryajct
  • By Installing the Hydra Cat Performance System
  • Increase fuel economy.
  • Lower emissions by 75%
  • Lower maintenance cost-
  • Burns cleaner and more complete.
  • Less wear and tear on the engine
  • Increase Torque and horsepower
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  • Yacht Installation Service

  • Return
  • Hydra Cat Performance System

  • Kit Includes

  • Hydra Cat,
  • Seaworthy4.5 ™ Marine grade constant current pulse width modulator
  • Level Indicator
  • coolant Tank.
  • Marine Grade #4 wire
  • Chemical resistant hose
  • Safety Switches
  • Marine grade fuses
  • System is custom made for all sizes of yachts..
  • Seaworthy 4.5 CCPWM Stats
  • Hydra Cat Stats
  • Hydra Cat Flyer
  • Blitzen on the hard
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